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Ducona produces high-quality PET bottles and PET packaging for chemical liquids, detergents, automotive products, cleaning products and household chemicals. In addition to standard bottles, available directly from stock, we can also develop and quickly produce PET packaging according to your specific wishes. We would be happy to be involved in the thought process!

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  • D300011

    Bottle 750ml White 24g rillen Duc
  • D301080

    Bottle 1000ml White 28g rillen Duc
  • D301090

    Bottle 1000ml clear 28g rillen Duc
  • D301110

    Bottle 1000ml Yellow 24g rillen Duc
  • D301130

    Bottle 1000ml White 24g rillen Duc
  • D301140

    Bottle 1000ml Blue 24g rillen Duc
  • D301150

    Bottle 1000ml Green 24g rillen Duc
  • D301160

    Bottle 1000ml clear 24g rillen Duc
  • D301230

    Bottle 750ml vlak White 24g Duc
  • D301300

    Bottle 750ml clear 24g Duc
  • D301305

    Bottle 750ml clear 28g Duc
  • D301460

    Bottle 1000ml Black 28g vlak Duc
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