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Your guarantee: each PET bottle is tested!

At Ducona, quality guarantee is our number 1 concern. Each PET bottle we produce undergoes a standard test by means of extremely precise leak detectors. This testing is done without causing any delay in the production process. To offer an optimal guarantee, the leak detectors are also checked twice per shift with calibrated test bottles.

PET packaging with quality guarantee

Thanks to our high-quality production lines with renowned top-brand machinery and meticulous product checks, we make sure every batch meets all the requirements, from the first down to the very last PET bottle. That way, you know for sure that our bottles are leak-proof, dimensionally stable and are of high quality, so that your filling process can proceed without fault.

Supply security

Ducona has a carefully developed Business Continuity Plan to prevent production stoppages. Practically all of our moulds fit every machine we have. As a result, we can shift quickly if necessary to prevent any long-term stoppages of the production lines. Furthermore, we always have back-up compressors ready to continue to meet the demand for our blow moulding machines. These compressors are oil-free to prevent contamination of the PET bottles. Our continuity plan ensures a good and reliable course of the entire production process. Our machines are in different fire sections and our stocks are stored in different warehouses.