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Product development

PET bottle product development

Ducona has been leading in the product development of PET bottles for years. To produce custom PET packaging, our specialists work closely with packaging designers and all parties involved in the application chain. Ducona excels in unusual shapes and low weight. You are thus guaranteed a PET bottle that perfectly meets its goal. In the desired size, colour and thickness.

PET packaging for food and non-food

We are involved in your thought process, with a focus on solutions, and can provide expert advice on regulations, sustainability aspects and design. Our product developers have extensive experience with PET packaging for food such as fruit juices, mineral water, soft drinks, beer, dairy milk, wine, syrup, sauces and dressings. We also have broad expertise in designing PET packaging for non-food purposes such as chemical liquids, household chemicals, automotive products and detergents.

We would be happy to advise you on multi-layers, UV barriers and oxygen barriers to increase your shelf life.

PET packaging made from bioplastics and recycled material

At Ducona, options include the development of PET packaging made from bioplastics and recycled material. With our extensive experience and short lines of communication, we can guarantee a short time to market. That way, we can maintain your momentum as well.

PET packaging sample

To visualise your specials, we can create a 3D drawing, 3D print or a 3D visual model. Perfect for indicating changes, so that your PET packaging meets all of your wishes and specifications. Request a sample!