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Ducona Pet Packaging

is the leading manufacturer of PET-bottles, PET-jars, PET preforms and childproof caps.

Our strength is the continuous focus on quality, an excellently organized production process with A-quality machines and customized logistics.

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300 million

We have a production capacity of over 300 million bottles a year

16 million

We produce over 16 million caps per year

10.000 m²

Our conditioned warehouses have a storage capacity of over 10.000 m²

State of the art machine park

By using A-brand machines, you as a customer are assured of the highest quality.

Delivered within 48 hours

For contract partners, the product can be delivered 48 hours after ordering

BRC grade AA+

Ducona has achieved the highest standard within the Global Standard for Packaging materials (BRCGS)

Lower total cost of ownership

Constant quality means higher efficiency within your filling process.

The difference we are making

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Ducona Holland BV was founded on 1 March 1991 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The family business in Aalten is experiencing stable growth and is in core financial health.

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Establishment of Ducona Holland B.V. (sales in bottles 7,500,000)


Move to new premises (sales in bottles 20,000,000)


BRC-IOP certification (sales in bottles 35,000,000)


Expansion of storage 2500 m² (sales in bottles 110,000,000)


Expansion of production by 1100 m² (sales in bottles 180,000,000)


Expansion of storage by 3800 m² by means of automated warehouse (sales in bottles 240,000,000)