Storage and logistics

Flexible stock management of your PET packaging Good logistics start with delivery reliability. We have large, conditioned storage areas in different fire-proof concrete warehouses. Here, we keep over 100 models of standard PET packaging in stock, from which we can deliver directly. Our extensive storage capacity also means that, with clear agreements, we can take over your stock management and in doing so, we can alertly meet your production demands with just-in-time delivery. Custom transport for your PET packaging We can also seamlessly meet your wishes in the area of transport. We can deliver our PET packaging on various types of pallets, in each common size and model, with the choice between trays-up or trays-down, with sheets, etc... You can pick up the PET packaging with your own transport or have us cover all of the transport ourselves. Ducona would be happy to discuss your wishes and offer a custom solution.