Ducona & CSR

Ducona stands for corporate social responsibility

Ducona constantly works on research, innovations and improvements in the area of the environment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This results in further and further reduction of materials, the use of recycled materials, lower energy consumption and the reduction of our waste flow. For example, we use things like LED lighting and Free-cooling appliances, which have a significantly lower energy consumption as compared to conventional appliances.

Reduction of materials

As a PET bottle producer, Ducona constantly consults with clients to research possibilities to reduce materials. We look at this in the design stage, and of course also always consider how recyclable the PET packaging is for the consumer as well as the consumer’s ease of use. The results are impressive: by reducing the weight of each bottle by 2 grams, we realise over 500,000kg in material reductions over our yearly capacity of 250 million bottles.

Green Energy

Reducing our energy consumption within our organisation is also a constant process. We have state-of-the-art machinery that is equipped with the newest energy-efficient technology. Process heat and air pressure, for example, are reused. The energy-efficient LED lighting in our production department and storage areas is fitted with time switches, daylight sensors and motion detectors that adjust the lighting throughout the day. The entire plant is powered by green energy. Most of our machinery’s required cooling comes from Free-cooling, which uses the outdoor temperature to cool the machinery in a very energy-efficient manner.

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